Choose love

I am not sure where to begin this post. I know that after a tragedy, especially such a horrific tragedy like Orlando, everyone wants to spout out their opinion.

The news is going nuts with information about the shooter and potential ties to ISIS. Political leaders are giving statements. And Facebook….it is much like the rest of the country, I imagine. Those that feel automatic weapons have no place in a civilized society and those that feel everyone should be locked and loaded.

There are those that offer up the opinion that these crimes are committed because our mental health system has been dismantled and we no longer institutionalize the insane. Opinions that perhaps we should blow up ISIS. That we should stop all the terrorists from coming into our country…#Merica.

That maybe Trump is right. That maybe we should vote for him.

I’m crying out of sadness and frustration and fear.

Last week we buried Muhammad Ali. An American hero. An African-American. A Muslim. I very much doubt that any person worried that he was carrying an automatic weapon when he walked into the room. His fists were mighty–but his words more so.

Islam is not a religion of hate. Christianity is not a religion of hate. Judaism, Hindu–name it–none are–unless chosen to be twisted and used by a few to suit their own purposes.

Yes, we as a nation, are deficient in our care of the mentally ill. Institutions are not necessarily the answer. Understanding mental illness, proper treatment and treatment centers, and having this PAID FOR, as well as support systems in place, would be a start.

Tolerance for our LGBT community is a must. Our country is in shock right now…and yet we have laws that prevent transgendered from using public restrooms, and gay couples from adopting children. Separate but equal DOES NOT WORK (assholes). It helps to perpetuate the idea that somehow gay people or transgenders are different, not normal. Stop it. If you want to stop hate crimes–stop encouraging hate.

Moving on to guns…background checks? How is this a bad thing? I had to fill out a form to join a gym…I had to have my AUTISTIC SON get a CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK to go to SUMMER CAMP–so tell me again the problem with a background check for a weapon that could be used to kill? And why the rush? Is there a reason the person buying this weapon can’t wait a couple of days to pull the trigger???? Furthermore (this is how you know I’m on a roll…) I have no problem with you owning a gun to go hunt. I don’t hunt–but go ahead if that’s your thing–I just take issue with trophy hunting. However. Automatic weapons have no place in civilized society. Nobody is hunting with them–unless they are hunting humans. I personally, do not wish to be hunted.

And now Trump. This man who mocks the disabled, that encourages violence, that has no background or training in politics, that has a short temper–he thinks he is capable of running a nation. This man that is a racist, a misogynist, an opportunist–this man thinks he is a leader.

It frightens me that people listen to him. I’ve read enough to understand why–authoritarianism looks appealing to some–but it’s also how some very bad people have been elected throughout history. It is very easy to scapegoat and blame a group of people when the country is having some difficulties. It’s been done many times before, in many other countries, and in ours. Trump uses mob anger and frustration and builds it to a frenzy. He┬ástates “I’m going to make them” do whatever it is he wants “them” to do without ever saying how.

It’s the how that frightens me. I don’t think that he has any self-restraint.

So today…please, be kind to someone. Hug a person. Try and spread peace and tolerance, kindness and love. Don’t allow hate and intolerance, violence and fear to become our norm.


Peace people.