Celebrating Life

I wasn’t going to write about this today. This is personal, it’s family…it’s affecting me greatly.

I was going to write about my visit to the gynecologist, and fill it with funny jokes. 

But right now my laughter has gone.

I tried this week to keep it light. I can’t do it any longer.

Sunday night my sister in law passed away from metastatic breast cancer. She was only seven years older than me. We were diagnosed within a couple of months of each other, back in 2010. We were pregnant with our sons, back in 1996, delivering a month to the day apart.

I was diagnosed at age 43, with Stage 1. She was diagnosed at age 50 with Stage 2. I survived. She did not. 

She was brilliant…the smartest of my husband’s siblings–and he is a National Merit Scholar. She was devoted to her only child, she was well read, educated, travelled, kind, polite–all the things I strive to be.

The cancer came back within this last year, found by accident in her lung. It rapidly spread throughout her small body… Until it won. 

Yesterday I volunteered at poor school in the Detroit area, reading to first graders. I donated books to the classroom. Last night I went out with my dear 96 year old friend, and her friend, celebrating her 85th birthday. We danced on the small dance floor–I waved people to join us. 

I was busy celebrating life.

I suggest all of you do so as well. 

Dance, laugh, love…act silly

Before it is too late. 

I promise more funny stuff next week. 

Until then, I’m going to be busy hugging my kids.

Peace people 

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