Reflections on the day (or, Dancing Queen, dammit!)

Today, as you all September 11. Many (most?) of you will remember what happened on September 11, 2001.

I remember that I was tying my gym shoes in my living room, watching the Today show…I was getting ready to go on a bike ride with the guy that worked maintenance at my hospital. He was this really big African-American guy…he looked kind of scary..I think a lot of people at the hospital were a bit afraid to approach him… but we had hit it off and were meeting up to ride our bikes down the local bike trail that September morning.

As I tied my shoes, I looked up and saw the first plane hit the tower. I was in instant shock. I saw the second plane hit…on the air… I knew this was no accident.

I met him for our bike ride. We talked as we rode…tossing back and forth our ideas as to whom could be involved in such an attack.

I’ve lost touch with him since then…but I will always remember him because of this.

A nurse I worked with lost a niece on one of the planes that hit a tower in NYC. I visited the site a year or two after the attack… and placed white roses there, at her request. I was sobbing.

I have a friend that is 95 years old. I have been meaning to write about her for some time now.

Ninety-five folks.

My friend Ronnie still goes to the gym where I work out… she goes to Zumba, she goes to kick boxing… she still dances at the bar…and can drink me under the table. I always drive her home…I’m the responsible friend. She calls us young girls her “playmates.”

After September 11…and after meeting Ronnie…and after surviving cancer…and after all my life experiences…

I dance too.

I dance everywhere.

I don’t care.

I dance at the gym, during kick boxing. I dance in the grocery store, if a good song is on overhead. I dance in my car, I dance while I’m cooking, I dance with my kids in the pool… I just freaking dance!

Because here is the thing.

Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Life needs to be lived. If my friend Ronnie is any example… we do need to seize the day. Who gives a shit if somebody is looking at us?? I just smile… and guess what? I get others to dance with me.

So there life vampires.

Today I want to remember that we need to live while we are alive. Look up from your phones, your laptops, your tablets. Dance in your living room. Touch somebody you love– on their cheek. Touch noses with a child. Try to make a whistle with a blade of grass. Eat something completely decadent. Actually look at your partner in their eyes…and feel that flow of energy between you. Call a friend and tell them you love them.





Peace people.

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