Oh my burning eyes…(or, No- no you may NOT share that story with me. )

I must have one of those faces.

You know, the kind that says, why yes, total stranger at the grocery store…it’s absolutely acceptable for you to tell me your entire life story. Starting at your conception. Or, yes, please, tell me about your uncle/cousin/aunt’s cancer/growth/wart that grew/was cured by god/was treated by vitamins.

My favorite stories are the kind that also have visual aids. In the form of photographs.

In this day of social media and cell phones with cameras…one would think that ADULTS would have better sense than the tweens/teens that are sexting.

Apparently not.

Last week alone I was having a conversation with a female friend…when she casually said hey, look at this…pulled out her phone…and showed me a picture of the guy she was casually dating. It was a head shot. And not from the neck up. HOLY SHIT. I did not react (because, remember, I had been an ER nurse, and it takes A LOT for me to react…) but I thought JUDAS PRIEST (not the band..) what the hell is wrong with people????

She wasn’t done with her pictures of him…I was slightly horrified…but laughed it off..and I pray I never run into him (after I finally was shown a picture of his face…)

Last night a male friend began talking with me about the dating scene.

Fuck (is what I thought..)

Apparently, he did as well…

As he began to show me all the pictures of the women he was either dating or had dated…their poses on the dating site…

Ummm…ladies…just a suggestion…

If you don’t want a guy like my friend showing your “cleverly positioned body in lingerie draped across a bed” to just anybody…maybe don’t take these pictures to send to just anybody???

Or maybe they just don’t care???

I commented on one picture of a woman in her underwear, taken with her phone in the bathroom mirror (given no points for originality by me…) My friend said that this was sent AFTER they had gone out…because that makes this oh so much better…

I suppose that fact that we are friends made these people feel free to share their soft porn with me.


Either that or I just have that kind of face.

People…keep your clothes on if a camera is around..unless you are a big Hollywood star. Seriously.

Now to go and try to burn these images out of my mind…

Peace all.

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