You might be an asshole if, Episode 3 (?)

In today’s episode of “You might be an asshole” we find our asshole in the form of the new pool heater repairman. Let me explain.

I finally had to bite the bullet and replace our antique pool heater this year. I opened my pool mid April…and we are still all waiting to really swim in it. As this is Michigan, we need a heater. The pool heater finally arrived and my pool company heater dude began installing it. However he discovered that the heater itself was defective (of course it was…) and so he had to call another pool heater dude to come repair it.

The guy came over today, took one look at my big dog and asked if she was mean. Ok, don’t know dogs. I explained no, she was nice, just big and mean looking. The best kind of dog, if you ask me. He gave me an unimpressed look. I showed him to the pool heater and he asked me what was wrong with it. Ummmm…isn’t that you’re job??? I had to call the original pool dude up and ask. I then went back inside to do some chores.

A few minutes later, the guy knocked on my patio window. I opened the door, and he–take a deep breath women and sit down–ASKED ME IF MY HUSBAND WAS HOME.  I looked at him, and said “What??” I asked him why he needed my husband. He said he needed to explain what was wrong with my pool heater.

So this, gentle readers, is why he gets the ASSHOLE OF THE DAY award….why, in the year 2015, do I still get asked for my husband for household repairs??? I gave him “The Look” and explained that no, my husband was NOT home and that he could talk to me as my husband does not deal with repair work.

Sexism, alive and well in the suburbs.

If I hadn’t been so stunned I should have replied that I was a lesbian and asked if he wanted to talk to my wife. Or that my husband had recently passed away from a terrible mine accident. And then broken down into tears. Or told him what a sexist ASS he was and that golly gee gosh girls can and do use tools too.

Mutter mutter mutter.

Gonna have to go throw a few punches at the gym to calm down from this…and hit LIKE A GIRL….

2 thoughts on “You might be an asshole if, Episode 3 (?)

  1. Hahaha wow that guy was a douche. I dislike it when men assume women don’t know anything about how a handy ‘man’ job works. I liked the lesbian suggestion though haha

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