For now.

What determines what we are? There are a number of reasons why I ask this…I’m not currently working as a nurse, and as soon as I get the legal ok, I will blog this out. But as such, having been a nurse since 1991…I am left feeling a bit, well, lost. I watched Tracy Morgan thank his nurse this morning on the Today show…and I was filled with both pride for the nurse and a feeling of …loss.

I recognize that just because I am not currently working as a nurse doesn’t necessarily mean I stopped being one. But this transition from scrubs to regular clothes isn’t going smoothly. I understand that when one door closes, another opens. And that this departure from one of my life’s callings has allowed me to devote more time to writing and to my comedy…well, now that I can finally smile again.

So my question still remains…was I always a nurse? Or, did I get prodded along into this career, due to life choices and situations at the time…was I always a writer? trapped in a nurse’s body? Or am I both?

For now…now I will focus on my writing. And being a mom. And doing stand up–and getting back on stage. For now I will salsa dance in my kitchen while making dinner. Nursing…will always be a part of me. I will always be a care giver. I just won’t be paid any money for it.

And that’s fine with me. For now.

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