My two sons

Status update, Starship Green.  It’s Special Olympics time, and my son is at Central Michigan University, competing in several swimming events. My husband takes him and I stay home and hold down the fort with the other two children. Today my son won a bronze in two races and competes again tomorrow.

Last night he was getting a bit tired and wanted to leave the opening ceremonies before the torch was lit. My husband tried to persuade him to stay…and somehow my son’s pants fell to the ground, in front of the crowd. My husband seems to feel this was no accident but instead a brilliant ploy to escape from the noise and return to the dorm room and well, it worked.

Later, a young girl with very short hair began flirting with my son…my son, not known for his tact, as he is, well, autistic…finally looked at her as asked if she was a boy…my husband sighed….and later still…another young lady, with a facial scar of some sort, began talking to my son…he asked her point-blank what was wrong with her face…my husband quickly shuffled my son out of the room and has decided that we will address tact in speech therapy, beginning this week..

Meanwhile, I am at the home with my youngest son and we just went out on a date. He opened the doors for me, and clinked our water glasses at the sushi restaurant. We ordered a ton of spicy sushi…and then he dared himself to put a glob of wasabi on his tongue…the picture, I assure all of you, is priceless…

I think about my two boys…how different they are but how alike as well…My older boy, so big and cuddly…who can be so engrossed in a Batman cartoon and yet hear you talking about someone from another room and ask you an embarrassing question about your conversation…”MOM! WHY DID YOU SAY YOU WOULD NEVER TALK TO HER AGAIN??”  (grrrrrrrrr) My younger son, so macho and yet a deeper thinker…”Mom…why did Bruce Jenner change NOW? He had wives and children…didn’t he know BEFORE that he was transgender??? I am so confused. It doesn’t make any sense to me…” (which, by the way, led to a conversation about transgender acceptance and how we have evolved as a society, a how difficult it would be to disclose this as a professional male athlete, especially 30 years ago…and why it would be easier to finally live your truth now…)

I guess what I’m trying to say is that today I am happy I am the mom of boys.

Now, tomorrow is prom day for my daughter. Let’s see what kind of blog that inspires…..

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