Comedy show (or, The real talent in the family…)

Today I had the pleasure of visiting my autistic son, Noah’s, class as they presented a comedy show for their parents. Noah is 18 and will be graduating next month. He is in a smaller class, with other cognitively impaired students, with diagnoses ranging from autism to Down’s Syndrome to ???

This being a comedy show…well, I couldn’t, wouldn’t miss it. The kids all read simple jokes, one reading the first line and another responding with the punchline. Some of the kids are non verbal, so they used a little machine to speak for them. Some of the kids (mostly the girls–funny how they are so verbal) stood up at the front and said silly poems. At the end of the show, they sang “Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles..and I yelled out at the appropriate times (SUBMARINE! and so on…well, you know how the song goes…). Then they did some Zumba to Pharrell Williams’ “Happy”….my son standing taller than all of them, like a tree, not moving, just watching them.

It was sweet, and funny, and awesome…and if I hadn’t been busy recording it, I probably would have started bawling as I am a mush ball about stuff like this. Sigh.

We went had a bit of a party afterwards, with juice and Oreos (I once again recognize that I may be the only person in America that hates them..). Noah wanted to talk about all the past pets we have had…and all the animals he wants to adopt..I think the lesson to be learned here is to never name a child Noah unless you want to have a million pets. Or maybe that’s just how it’s worked out for us.

I will be sad next month when Noah leaves this classroom for good. He could officially stop school May 22…but we are letting him go until the end, June 12, as there are some field trips he wants to go on.

I will write another blog post on his actual graduation…and what it means to him and to me…

For now, I will go back to watching my baby on the video. All six feet, one inch of him. And this time, I will sniffle a little bit. It’s a mom thing.

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