You might be an asshole…Episode 2

In today’s episode of “You might be an asshole if…” we observe this silver car…parked, well, like an asshole. Please see exhibit one.


I want to point out that today’s asshole parked their assholemobile directly IN FRONT of the grocery cart the carts were completely blocked in. In other words, the driver created a parking space as they were either in a hurry or too lazy to walk an additional twenty feet from a slightly further spot. I’m going to hazard a guess and say lazy. Call me cynical. Whatever.

I was in the store and heard the overhead page for the owner of the car to please move as they were blocking the carts…I knew I had to check it out. Call me a lookie loo..maybe I need to get out more.

Anyway, this has been your asshole update.

Stay tuned for your next episode…the way my week has been going thus far…it probably won’t take too long….

One thought on “You might be an asshole…Episode 2

  1. I stalked a woman in Academy once as she left her dog in a sealed up truck during a South Texas heat wave. When the Academy manager blew me off, I just set up shop at the exit door and waited. Good times.

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