Running on empty..

Today was another one of those days. It started off well enough…I went to the gym, for my weight lifting class…and then my phone started buzzing. My lovely children (well, two of them..) needed something from me, ranging from a calculator to lunch money RIGHTNOW.


I retrieved some of the items…drew the line on the last-minute added item…and somehow managed to put money in the online lunch account.


While doing all of this, I failed to pay attention to my Mighty Explorer. I finally looked down and this is what I discovered:



Never fear, gentle readers…I made it to a gas station (as this isn’t Georgia, at night, with my children in the car. Just saying. ).

But it made me stop and think about how much I constantly do and care for everybody else…and put my needs last.

Until I’m on empty.

I need a refill on my life tank (insert y’all here, because, well, I think it fits).

The stress of daily living…the stress of my life…it’s piling up.

Time to refill the tank. Time to step back, take a breath…and look around.

Time to take back control.

Even caregivers need care given to them. Even if we don’t normally (or ever) admit it.


On that note…I’m off to find a ray of sunshine…be it in a piece of dark chocolate, a favorite song, or my favorite sweats–or all of the above.

3 thoughts on “Running on empty..

  1. I really adore you blog, came across it and you’re so witty and hilarious I love it! You make a woman with no kids, want kids, even after knowing all the craziness it can cause to life. LOVE your blog.

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