There’s got to be a morning after…(or, A warning from beyond the grave…)

Uh…so…I went out last night. Because it was Cinco de Mayo, and an excuse for people to go out and drink and eat bad Mexican food. As I still cannot drink tequila due to a bad, bad, near death experience with it 20 some years ago (ie: I wanted to die after I drank too much).  I enjoyed a couple of non tequila cocktails and a chicken quesadilla. And then proceeded to dance like an asshole, because well, I’d had a couple of drinks. Whatever. At the time I thought I was looking pretty awesome. I’m sure if somebody had this on tape…the playback would be a bit more drunk Elaine from “Seinfeld.” SIGH. It’s all good and my friends and I had a lot of fun.

This morning I got up and staggered, bleary eyed to the gym, for my kickboxing class. And this is what I saw on my way in. I was like “HOLY SHIT. IS THAT A SKULL??” It was. Then I was nervous that it was some sort of warning to not go in the gym. Then I was worried that I was hallucinating. Then I was worried that it might have been a gym member that tried one of the really difficult classes and didn’t make it. Then I wondered if they were just getting into the Halloween spirit..a little early.

I don’t know man, but I’m steering clear of that mini van from now on. For reals.

I should have looked to see if there was a shovel and duct tape in the back.

Maybe my imagination is getting carried away.

Maybe I’m tired.

You decide.

It’s just not everyday you see a skull on the top of a car. That’s all I’m saying.


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