Everybody needs a hero…(or, I want to wear a cool suit and maybe a cape. Just saying.)

I just watched the new Avengers movie. It was pretty good and now I want to grow up to be a super hero. Or act in a super hero movie. Either one. I’m not too picky.

Except that all the good super hero powers always seem to go to the guys. And I seem to identify with Tony Stark–don’t ask me why–I think it’s because he is a bit of a smart ass. I have a thing for smart asses. And I’ve been told I am a bit of one, so there’s that. It’s certainly not the narcissism or the super brainiac powers.

And, if I’m being totally honest…I like the throwing of a good punch. Which is why I go to kickboxing several times a week.

Sigh. Maybe I’m not your typical girl.


I was raised on comic books. Marvel comics. DC comics. I love characters from both. The darker and more complex (troubled) the character, the better. Go figure.

It’s why I loved that series “Heroes” while it aired–and I understand it is coming back. It made me think about the possibility of possessing a super power. Which one would I want? Mind reading? Invisibility? To be able to heal? To fly? Super strength? Super speed? To control another’s thoughts? To change into another shape or form?

The possibilities are endless.

Who is your favorite super hero? Or, what power would you want?

As for me…I’m back home and now watching the first Avengers movie on the television set, waiting for pizza.

If only I had the power to have pizza ready immediately…now there is another super power to add to the list…

4 thoughts on “Everybody needs a hero…(or, I want to wear a cool suit and maybe a cape. Just saying.)

  1. Do you realize there is already a Real Life Superhero community in the US and many large cities? Not cosplayers, people who legitimately fight crime, or more often patrol dangerous areas to keep tourists safe and run charity drives.
    Well, there is. Google RLSH or XJL. I’m writing an article about my time in the community and I’ll have it up on Thursday as well.

  2. My favorite superhero would probably spiderman. Not cos of his powers (they are pretty ordinary in my opinion) but because of the way he got them. He’s an average guy who is suddenly blessed with these powers.

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