You might be an asshole if…

IMG_1182This blog is under construction. Just so you gentle readers know. I’m trying to get the visual aspect of it under control..trying to make it look professional. So bear with me.

I went to the gym this morning for a kickboxing class…and when I walked out to my Mighty Explorer..this is what I found. You know, you might be an asshole when you park like this. Please note that I am centered in my spot. Mr/Ms Asshole not so much. A gentleman drove by in his car, rolled down the window and shouted out that he didn’t think that even I could fit in that space between the two vehicles. Well, I’m glad I was able to make somebody laugh today.

I managed to squeeze sideways and jump in. I used my superior (cough cough..)driving skills to back out and not scrape the Asshole vehicle.

And I pondered the idea of citizen Asshole tickets. Kind of like a citizen’s arrest…but for being an asshole. For example..a ticket for douche bags that park like this, or talk loudly after midnight in hotel hallways or pull into the parking spot you were clearly waiting for, as you had your turn signal on for twenty minutes, waiting for the person to pull out…wouldn’t it be nice to give them some sort of Hey! You are an incredible ASSHOLE! ticket?


And now I have that asshole song from “Frozen” running through my brain (Let it go, let it go…) Fine. I’m letting it go.

But I’m still saying there is a great possibility that the driver of that car parked so poorly is an asshole driver. At the very least a jerk.

Mutter mutter.

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