Karma, baby

I guess the question of the day is : Do you believe in karma?? Here is the reason why. Well, without divulging too much. Recently, I had a friend betray me, which caused a whole series of events to unfold, including the loss of my job. I guess the argument could be made that this person was never a friend, or they would never have betrayed me. I suppose that’s true. And this is something that I am trying to wrap my head around. Especially since I already have trust issues–this isn’t going to help that any.

But karma. Here is my question. Does it exist? If so…am I being paid back for some cosmic injustice? Or, is the person that did the betrayal going to experience the karma?

I mean, some of the stuff I have had to go thru…well, it’s made me wonder if I wasn’t some sort of serial killer in a former life, and I’m making up for it in this one.

Anyway. Sigh. I’m trying to forgive the person/former friend that caused me such pain. I don’t know why this person did this. I don’t think I shall ever know.

I guess I will let karma sort it out.

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