They say I have a few issues….

I suppose I should start by saying hi. So, hi. Or, hey, if you’re like me and from the midwest. I’m living here in Michigan, the Great Lakes State. Cherry Capitol of the world. We like to say we don’t have an accent, but we do. Mine comes out more when I’m mad, and it’s different than the dialect here in the Detroit area.  But I digress. I do that a lot. Anyway, I’m 47 years old, and I am the mother of 4 children. Two girls and two boys. I would fight a bear for my kids but there are days….there are days I could just get into my car and just drive away…anywhere…just for a day…just to clear my head…for a minute of clarity….I never would, or I would have done it by now. A million and one times by now. My oldest daughter is a 25. She is a teacher and lives out of state. My 17 year old son is autistic. And not in the Rainman savant, so it’s really not that bad kind of way. He is autistic in the if he gets angry he can break some shit sort of way. I will write more on these two later. There is so much more to them. My autistic son is also my most affectionate child, so there’s that. I also have two more children that I adopted from Africa. Because, why wouldn’t I add more to my plate? My daughter is 17 and my son is 10. They were 14 and 10 when we were finally able to bring them home. Oh, yeah, did I mention I was going through treatment for breast cancer when we had to travel to get the children from Sierra Leone? Yeah, that was cool…or that I’m a registered nurse? With PTSD from an interesting childhood and life events? Or that I have some depression on occasion….no kidding… Yeah….so….I figure, I can only see my therapist once a week…and writing makes me feel better. I’ve got some shit to say. I’ve seen some things. I’ve learned a few lessons. I’m still learning them. So, I’m pulling up the laptop and tapping out some stuff here. Most of it should be funny, because I have a fairly disturbed, darkly twisted sense of humor. That happens when you’re raised by wolves in a small town. I have learned to see the humor in nearly every instance, as a means of survival. So, if you spin a little differently than the average bear; if you have a child with special needs; if you have a multi racial family; adoption issues; mother issues; abandonment issues; anger issues–stay tuned, buckle up, and enjoy the ride. This is about to get real.

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